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Peat moss and peat substrates are invaluable tools for gardening and horticulture, offering a range of benefits that enhance plant growth and promote healthy ecosystems. Their unique properties make them suitable for a diverse array of applications, from nurturing delicate seedlings to enriching garden soils. Use it for:

  • Soil Amendment

    Mix peat moss into soil to improve its structure, water retention, and aeration.

Acid-Loving Plants

    Use peat moss as a component in the soil for acid pH loving plants like blueberries.

  • Container Gardening

    Fill containers with a mix of peat moss or peat substrates to create a lightweight and well-draining medium for container plants.

  • Mulching

    Apply a layer of peat moss or substrates as a natural mulch around plants to help retain soil moisture and suppress weeds.

  • Moisture Retention

    Add peat to sandy soils to enhance water retention and to help maintain moisture levels for plants.

  • Composting

    Peat moss can be added to compost piles to balance the carbon-to-nitrogen ratio. It helps create aeration and improves compost structure.


Peat size plays an essential role in shaping the characteristics of peat. Large and small particles make peat adaptable for different gardening and horticultural uses and will fit all your needs.

Check out the video! We offer peat in these different fractions.

0 – 10 MM
7 – 15 MM
10 – 40 MM
20 – 40 MM
30 – 55 MM
30 – 55 MM FIBER


Peat moss and substrates are offered in bags of various sizes, ranging from 150 to 6000 liters, to suit your needs.


litres / packaging in a bag


litres / packaging in a bag


litres / packaging on a pallet


litres / packaging on a pallet

Customise according to your needs

You can customize your peat to suit your specific needs. Adjusting pH levels, incorporating NPK, perlite, or adding a wetting agent enables you to tailor the substrates to match what you’re growing.