Peat Oil Sorbents

Highly effective sorbtion materials on the base of environmentally friendly natural raw peat, which are intended for liquidation of emergency oil spills on water, soil, industrial sites, and process equipment.

Sorbents on the base of peat are able to collect spilled oil and petroleum products from any surface and hold it without re-distribution. Oil sorbents on the base of peat possess:

  • magnitude of oll by crude oil capacity of 4-5 g / g;
  • buoyancy in oil -saturated state from 2 to 10 days due to the absence of water absorption in the oil-saturated state;
    cost-effective consumption in condition of use in accidental spills. When the film thickness of oil is about 0,1 cm and an ambient temperature is 12-15oC is 0,2 … 0,3 kg / m2;
  • ease of application and collection. Application and collection of the sorbent can be carried out by hand using of auxiliary mechanical devices, or using a special injection and suction device, as well as the aircraft;
  • the absence of toxicity, thus dispensing with the need for special protection service;
  • biospheric compatibility. Production and use of sorbents and disposal of waste materials do not lead to re-contamination of environmental objects;
  • low cost due to the simplicity of of technology of sorbents reception, as well as orientation to the use of affordable, large and renewable sources of raw materials.

At observance of the conditions of storage the expiry date of sorbents is 3 years.

Disposal of oil-saturated sorbents is carried out either by burning or by composting with soil. Absorbent products are made from specially selected high-quality raw materials. Developed preparations have been tested by pilot production. Protected by patents.

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Peat Oil Sorbents

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